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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

spring 2014

After one of the coldest longest winters in some time, we are starting to see signs of good fishing in the rivers. Several reports today of decent steelhead in the Chagrin and Conneaut rivers. Both  still have ice in the lower stretches, but nice open water not to far upstream. Steelhead can be found in Grand River feeder streams right now and it appears we're in for some excellent fishing in the big river in the next couple of days. We know there have been a lot of fish between Richmond St. and St Claire st, and now the river is open all the way upstream with the flow coming down and visibilities improving. Don't miss out, we haven't had much to get excited about this steelhead season!!
Shiner minnows,eggs, and jig and maggots.......

Monday, April 1, 2013


Congratulations to our winners of the 2012-2013 steelhead tournament. There were alot of big fish caught.
1. Keith Madison    16# 15oz  33 1/8 in
2. Toby Nice           13# 1oz    33 3/4 in
3. Roger Aulicino    14# 9oz    32 in
4. Ed McMullen       14# 1 oz   32 1/16 in
5. Brian McDonnell  14# 2oz   32 in
6. Tony Suhadolnik   13# 2oz   32 3/4in
7. Victor Olvera        13# 1oz   32 1/8 in
8. Kim Demarco       12# 9oz    32 1/2 in
9. Dave Adams         12# 6oz    31 1/4 in
10. Rich Butera         12# 4oz    31 1/4 in

This week is shaping up to be spectacular fishing. Flows are coming down nicely, clarity is improving, and very little precipatation in the forcast for several days.
We know there are alot of fresh fish in the rivers and it sounds like good numbers have moved upstream. Start looking for fish in the riffles.
Fly fishing should really heat up by the weekend.
Make plans now, you dont want to miss the next few days!! We've had a few walleye caught, and will start seeing the big smallmouth in the Grand very soon.

Saturday, March 23, 2013


Welcome to spring in northeast Ohio. Even with the cold we have seen some nice fish the last couple of days. The largest was 13+ lb out of Conneaut, some decent numbers from Chagrin, and even a couple out of the Grand. Flow in the Grand is just under 1000 and we should start seeing fish caught this afternoon and tommorow before it rains and snows on monday. Big creek and Paine creek have fish but water is very clear and they're tough to catch. Hopefully we will start seeing a warming trend by the middle of next week!

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